The name itself special transportation, tells us that he is, different characteristics and dimensions of of other traffic participants and that can be a hindrance to them.

In Montenegro, and most common, maximum allowed dimensions are:
- Length 17 meters
- The width of 2.5 meters
- Height 4 meters
- Weight 40 tons

Each measure that is greater than what is prescribed, requiring permission for extraordinary transport, internal or police escort or more. Escort for special transport / cargo may be carried out throughout the entire transport route or just a portion thereof. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain the appropriate permissions for the safe transport of oversized cargo issued by the Directorate of Roads.

In cooperation with our colleagues and partners, to provide you / we choose / we make:
a) appropriate means of transport and associated equipment, depending on the type of load (truck with trailer or semitrailer, wagon, ship, barge or aircraft),
b) determining a route for emergency transport (road, rail, river, sea or air),
c) all necessary licenses and escort (escort vehicles, police ...),
d) all necessary static checking of bridges,
e) transportation / route study (measures at route and analyzes) for cargo of specific size and weight.

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